Solostar 4 Juicer White

TribestArtnr: S-10132



Solostar 4 Juicer White

Tribest Artnr: S-10132

Solostar 4 juicer has an appealing design combined with intelligent technology. The compact engine offers a very efficient drive system. Solostar has the lowest number of revolutions among all uniaxial vertical juicers, which means that it cold presses the juice more carefully than any other machine and maximizes the juice quantity for each produce. This will make it easier for you to maximize your daily intake of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. Learn more


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Solostar 4 Juicer

The Solostar 4 is a beautifully designed juicer with intelligent technology. has the lowest number of revolutions among all uniaxial vertical juicers, which means that it cold-presses the juice more carefully than any other machine and maximizes the juice quantity for each produce. Solostar 4 is our most priceworthy machine and it is the ultimate choice for greens and vegetables (you can use fruits as well).

If you want to squeeze wheatgrass, Greenstar or Angel Juicer is preferred, but if you cannot afford such a machine, Solostar is a good alternative that works for wheatgrass as well as root vegetables, as long as you remember to adjust the outlet knob. You should then use the setting called “B”, which has the largest hole. Otherwise, the pressure in the housing might become will be too high and cause it to crack. Bear in mind that the juice filter can crack as well if the pressure becomes too high.

Solostar 4 offers many benefits:

More juice with the dual-stage extraction process and a larger auger, which also means a larger surface area to maximize the yields.
More enzymes, vitamins and minerals in your juice, thanks to the machine’s extremely low speed of 57 RPM, which prevents both heat and oxidation.
Reduced risk that you get stuck with the machine’s gear reduction equivalent of a 5.8 HP motor with 33% more torque.
Compact, elegant and intelligent design that requires less space than other horizontal juicers.
20% less energy consumption and higher yield lead to better savings – both in terms of electrical bills and money spent on produce.
BPA free material. All parts that get in contact with food items are made from BPA- and BPS-free materials.
Z- star compatibility. With Tribest Z-star Manual Conversion Kit you also have a juicer that you can bring with you on a trip, a hike or a picnic.
5 years warranty.
Easy to clean.

The Solostar 4 juicer is intelligently designed:

It produces 33% more torque while using 10% less electricity. It has a reduction gear that generates a power equivalent to a 5.8 hp engine. More torque means less interference and less electricity, which, in turn, means personal savings on your electricity bill and environmental benefits with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

With a low speed of only 47 turns per minute, Solostar 4 is the slowest horizontal single-axis juicer on the market. Virtually all heat and oxidation is eliminated thanks to the slow and mild juice production. This preserves a larger amount of important nutrients and living enzymes. What you get is a healthier, tastier and more nutritious juice.

The class-leading auger size combined with the dual-stage extraction process creates the maximum amount of juice possible. The Ultem auger is also 8x stronger than other augers made of plastic, feeding your produce into the juicer in the most optimal way possible.

The compact, elegant and modern design takes up less space on your kitchen counter and it also looks very impressive. Since all parts that come into contact with the food are made of BPA- and BPS-free materials, you don’t have to worry about exposing your family and friends to harmful chemicals.

Solostar 4 has been designed with the fewest parts possible, which makes it quicker to clean and that is always important as well, as it increases the chances that you will use your juicer more often.

In our hectic lives, it can be difficult to find time to get the nutrition we need from the food we eat. Fortunately, we can quickly and easily get the nutrients we need with cold-pressed juice. It makes us healthier, better looking and it makes us feel better. True beauty begins on the inside.

The package contains the machine and all parts that you can see in the picture under the product picture. You can also see the parts in the user manual that is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Click here to learn how to assemble the Solostar:

Specifications: Weight: 5,5 kg. Dimensions: Length: 43 cm Depth: 16,5 cm Height: 31,5 cm Capacity: 135 W. Warranty: 1 year for professional use and 5 years for personal use. User manual: Download. Manufactured by Tribest, USA.

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